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If the clock is still ticking when you call for your quote,  we are going to Give You Another Free Gift...  

  • ​You'll learn trucking success by analyzing complete trips
  • ​You'll discover the best way to plan for and conquer the big challenges truckers regularly face on the road
  • ​You'll also learn the most efficient ways to prepare for your trips
  • ​You'll enjoy your life on the road, full of confidence instead of apprehension at every challenge that comes your way.

Call 920-221-0076 

For Your FREE No-Hassle Quote

Almost All of Our Commercial Clients are Truckers!

Here are the Reasons Why...

  • We Specialize in Truckers: We KNOW what you need.
  • We Handle Necessary Filings Directly with the USDOT: Cut Down Your Paperwork Hassle/More Time Driving!
  • Industry Experts: We know the minimum and recommended insurance requirements for the Big Players in the Transportation Industry. (Don't pay for what you don't need!)
  • One Stop Shop:  Commercial Auto, General Liability, Bobtail, Motor Truck Cargo, and More...
  • We are Fast: Add Drivers, Update Coverages, Change Trucks.  Quick & Easy
  • Rush COI Requests Available:  Usually within the hour!
  • New Company Friendly: We provide guidance and assistance to companies that are new to the Transportation Industry.
  • Business Tips: We have on staff a PhD in Business (My Dad) with 30+ Years Experience as an Entrepreneur. He can show you how to MAKE MORE MONEY!!

Why Don't We Have An Online Quoting Process?

Sorry, but we've NEVER seen one that really works. Your trucking company isn't like every other business. We've had too many of our clients tell us horror stories about getting a quote online, and it all sounds good, and then the actual policy comes down with a totally different price. Coverages they didn't need. Total waste of everybody's time

Nothing beats me being able to talk to you on the phone to find out what YOU really need, AND what you don't.  I promise; I won't waste your time!

Surprise! Another FREE GIFT to Make You More Money...

As part of your onboarding process you will receive a
FREE Copy of our Marketing Matrix Report!

  • There are ONLY Three Ways to Increase Sales:  You are probably only doing one!
  • Do you know WHY your customers should do business with ONLY you?  You should!
  • Do you really know what works in your marketing?  Half probably doesn't... Which half??
  • What does McDonalds do that you should be doing in your business?
  • What would your business (and life) look like with a 33% increase in Sales?
  • Want all your employees to show up on time, do what they say they will?  There is a way...
  • Access to our FREE employee training portal.  Mindset Training!
  • You have Goals... Do you always hit them?  You Can!
  • What are you reading/listening too?  List of what you and your drivers SHOULD be listening too!

Next Steps in Your Onboarding Process

  • Bind on the Phone:
  • ​Same Day Coverage Usually Available
  • Same Day Email from our Commercial Service Specialist Explaining All You Need to Know
  • All Contact Info:  Text, Email, Phone
  • Policy Documents Delivered
  • Receipt for Down Payment
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • ​ID Cards
  • Thank You Card (I Appreciate Your Business)

I Can't Wait Till You Call for Your FREE Quote!

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